Luftbild der Schachtanlage Konrad 1
Endlager Konrad - 13.06.2023

Completion of Konrad repository delayed

The Konrad repository is on the home straight, but there are still a number of hurdles to overcome.

Map that shows the reasearch region
Endlagersuche - 12.06.2023

“GeoMetEr” research project: BGE designates second research region

Plans for 2D seismic survey and measurements from the air.

Asse - 05.05.2023

New exploratory borehole in the Asse mine

Emplacement chamber 12 to be investigated from May onwards

Eine grüne Wiese, am Horizont sind ein paar Bäume zu sehen
Asse - 31.03.2023

BGE publishes geotechnical report for the Asse mine

The Kuhlager site is fundamentally suitable

Foto eines winterlichen Sonnenaufgangs, fotografiert durch die Speichen eines großen Metallrads.
Asse - 14.03.2023

BGE presents a report on the development of a concept for characterising waste from the Asse mine

The BGE is publishing the final report on the “Development of a concept for characterising the radioactive waste to be retrieved from the Asse II mine”.