Asse - 27.07.2022

Press Release - Licence granted for inspection of an emplacement chamber

Joint press release from the Lower Saxony Ministry for Environment, Energy, Construction and Climate Protection and the Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung mbH.

Asse - 16.05.2022

Press Release No. 7/22 – BGE acquires plots for planned waste treatment plant and interim storage facility

In recent weeks, the Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung mbH (BGE) has acquired the remaining plots north of the Asse II mine following intensive negotiations.

Asse - 06.04.2022

Press Release No. 6/22 – BGE applies for regional planning procedure Asse retrieval

Regional Planning Announcement published.

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Endlagersuche - 28.03.2022

Press Release No. 5/22 –The BGE presents its concept for the narrowing down of sub-areas

Initial safety assessments for potential nuclear waste repositories – BGE puts forward proposed methodology for discussion.

Bild der interaktiven Karte zeigt eine Karte, auf der Deutschland mit farbigen Markierungen zu sehen ist
Endlagersuche - 03.03.2022

Press Release No. 4/22 – BGE publishes the sixth update to the data report on data relating to exclusion criteria decisions

Close collaboration between the geological services of the federal states and the Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung (BGE) leads to greater transparency in the process of selecting a site for a repository for high-level radioactive waste.