Site selection

History of the search for repositories

In Germany, the permanent storage of radioactive waste is a task performed by the state. The search for suitable sites has been ongoing for several decades, but a repository site for highly-radioactive waste has not yet been found.


Gorleben minesite

The salt bed in Gorleben has been explored for several decades, with several years of interruptions. Its suitability as a repository for highly-radioactive waste is supposed to be assessed with the help of surveys and exploratory measures. Final results are not yet available.


Site selection procedure

The site selection procedure is defined in the StandAG (Repository Site Selection Act). The aim of the procedure is to find the best possible repository site for mainly heat-generating radioactive waste. Full participation by the public is envisaged at all times.




Organisatorische Neuordnung der Endlagerung

Stakeholders and tasks

A large number of stakeholders are involved in the search for a repository site for mainly heat-generating radioactive waste. There are also various organisations involved in the ongoing operation of the existing facilities.