Announcement – Morsleben repository

24 November 2017: NBG visits emplacement areas in the Morsleben repository

On the occasion of its 11th meeting on 10 and 11 November 2017, the National Support Body (NBG) mainly discussed questions around the Morsleben repository. The National Support Body is tasked with the search for a repository for high-level radioactive waste. Representatives from citizens’ initiatives and environmental associations, the competent state secretary at the Ministry for the Environment of Saxony-Anhalt (licensing authority) and the project manager at the BGE (operator) reported on the status of the project.

All participants accepted the offer to talk. They spent one morning presenting their points of view and exchanging their views. At the end of the first day it was clear that opinions were divided. However, everyone agreed that the decommissioning procedure would have to be driven forward in a constructive manner so that a decision could be taken for Morsleben.

The dialogue continued during the visit to the Morsleben repository on the following day. As an introduction to their visit to the emplacement areas on the 4th level, the members of the National Support Body wanted to see the exhibition at the info centre. Then they visited the mine and subsequently held a final discussion.

Read more about the impressions from the underground visit to the Morsleben repository in our blog.

Group of visitors including the members of the NBG on 11 November 2017