BGE is looking for a site for a repository for high-level radioactive waste that will guarantee the best possible safety for one million years and operates the Konrad and Morsleben final repositories as well as the Asse II and Gorleben mines. The concrete tasks result from the Atomic Energy Act (Section 9a, paragraph 3, sentences 2 AtG) and the Repository Site Selection Act (StandAG). Accordingly, it is the responsibility of the federal government to construct and operate repositories for radioactive waste. It has assigned this task and the associated sovereign powers to the BGE. The federal government continues to exercise supervision.

The tasks of the BGE include:

The site search

  • Preparation of proposals for a site for high-level radioactive waste in accordance with StandAG
  • Preparation of the respective preliminary safety investigations
  • Construction and operation of the repository after site selection

The Asse II mine

  • The retrieval of waste from the Asse
  • Emergency precautions in case of a possible flooding

The Konrad final repository

  • Construction of the repository
  • Operation of the repository, including product control of the delivered waste

The Morsleben final repository

  • Keeping the mine open and the safe operation of the repository (without emplacement)
  • Planning and subsequent implementation of decommissioning