Our tasks

Our tasks are defined by the Atomic Energy Act and the StandAG (Repository Site Selection Act).

Atomic Energy Act

As per Section 9a, Paragraph 3 of the Atomic Energy Act, it is the task of the Federal Republic of Germany to set up repositories for radioactive waste. The Federal Government has transferred this task and the associated sovereign powers to the BGE, but it remains responsible for supervision. According to the Atomic Energy Act, the BGE is the operator of the Asse II and Gorleben minesites and the Konrad and Morsleben repositories


The StandAG regulates the search for and the selection of a site for a repository for mainly heat-generating radioactive waste. Section 6 describes the tasks of the BGE. These tasks include:

  • the development of proposals for the selection of the site regions and the sites to be explored,
  • the creation of site-related survey programmes and test criteria,
  • the performance of surface and underground surveys of the designated sites, the preparation of the relevant provisional safety investigations and
  • to establish the relevant provisional safety investigations as
  • recommending the repository site for mainly heat-developing radioactive waste to the BfE.
Collage der Projekte der BGE - Konrad, Morsleben, Asse und Standortauswahl