Our organisational form is governed by Section 9a, Paragraph 3 of the Atomic Energy Act (AtG). It stipulates that the BGE is to be organised under private law and to this end, the legal form of the GmbH was chosen. The sole shareholder of the BGE is the Federal Government. The BGE is currently being set up.

On 25 April 2017, BfS employees were transferred to the new company. The Asse-GmbH and the DBE will follow suit in the coming months. During this process, the company's organisational structure will change and a common mission statement will be developed after the integration of the participating organisations’ employees into the BGE.

Public Corporate Governance Code of the German federal government

On 1st July 2009, the German federal government adopted new principles of corporate governance for federal organisations and institutions. The core element of these is the Public Corporate Governance Code.

This Code contains essential provisions, as prescribed by applicable law, for the management and monitoring of corporations holding a participation by the German state. It also includes internationally and nationally recognised standards of good and responsible corporate governance.

The Code aims at rendering the management and monitoring of corporations more transparent and more understandable and at defining more clearly the role of the German state as a shareholder. It is also supposed to increase awareness for good Corporate Governance.

In its articles of association, the BGE committed to comply with the recommendations set out in the Public Corporate Governance Code of the German federal government (PCGK) in the applicable version and to publish an annual Corporate Governance Report.

PCGK report for 2016 (German)

Provisional organigram of the BGE (State: März 2019)
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