Welcome to the BGE, the federal company for radioactive waste disposal

Welcome to the Internet site of the BGE, where we inform interested citizens about the tasks of the BGE, the search for repository sites for mainly heat-generating radioactive waste and other BGE projects.

02 June 2017: Infomobil tour 2017 – interim balance

Announcement -At the first six appointments of this year's infomobil tour, over 400 visitors were welcomed. The appointment in Oschersleben was postponed. More

23 May 2017: Konrad repository – Konrad waste acceptance requirements revision 03 withdrawn

Announcement - The waste acceptance requirements for radioactive waste to be disposed of in the Konrad repository, revision 03, (waste acceptance requirements, as of February 2017) were withdrawn on 19 May 2017. More

22 May 2017: Morsleben repository – Central workshop on second level in successful operation

Press release - The central workshop on the second level of the Morsleben repository (mine working 1, south, Bartensleben shaft) has now been operated for 50 days. More

Asse II minesite

From 1967 to 1978, some 47,000 m³ of low and intermediate-level radioactive waste were stored in the Asse II minesite on behalf of the Federal Government. Given the current state of knowledge, long-term safety can only be guaranteed by the retrieval of the radioactive waste.


Konrad repository

In accordance with nuclear law, the Konrad mine was licensed in 2007 as the first repository in Germany. The former iron ore mine is currently being converted into a repository and will store over 303,000 m³ of radioactive waste with negligible heat generation.


Morsleben repository

Morsleben repository used to be a potash and rock salt mine. It is over 100 years old. 36,754 m³ of low and intermediate-level radioactive waste were permanently stored there or stored intermediately in small quantities between 1971 and 1991 and from 1994 to 1998. The repository is to be closed with its inventory in place.