Asse II mine info centre and public tours

The Info Asse is located in the immediate vicinity of the minesite itself. The Info Asse hosts an exhibition and organises tours, lectures and events on a regular basis.

Address and registration for public tours

Am Walde 1
38319 Remlingen

Phone: +49 5336 892640
Fax: +49 5336 892494
Email: info-asse(at)


Please note: 

Given the current situation in relation to the coronavirus pandemic, the information centre will remain closed until further notice. We will notify you as soon as we are open again. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone or email.


Information about our public tours

Public tours take place from Monday to Friday. Groups of up to 14 people aged 16 or older can register for a tour of the mine. The waiting time for a tour can amount to several weeks, so please book early. Please keep in mind that special climatic conditions exist underground and these can affect the cardio-vascular system. A certain level of basic physical fitness is also necessary, since part of the route is covered on foot.

Travelling subsidies for educational institutions

Educational institutions can receive a travel cost subsidy of up to €200 per visit. The available budget is limited. The subsidy will only be granted if your stay in the info centre lasts for at least 2 hours. The subsidy may be applied for in writing upon presentation of the invoice from the contracted transport company. The offer is exclusively for groups which find it impossible or unreasonable to travel to the minesite with private cars.


Visitors at Info Asse