Announcement - Asse II mine

31 January 2018: Reportable event 001/2018

Workers currently recut the contours of a drift section on the 725-metres level around blind shaft 2 (sliding roadway arch support). The miners use a roof cutter to this end. Blind shafts are shafts inside the mine which do not reach up to the ground.

On 29 January, a blasting cartridge and a detonating cord or blasting cord with a length of 30 centimetres were found a few metres to the South of blind shaft 2. The location and condition of these objects suggest that the leftovers are several decades old.

The operating manager of the Asse II shaft was immediately informed of the discovered objects. He will now organise the professional and proper disposal in coordination with the mining authority and together with the waste management officer.

No explosive material has been stored or used in the Asse II mine since 2009.

This event was immediately reported to the competent mining and nuclear supervisory authorities.

The reporting documents containing all relevant data will be published on our website in the next few days.

This is the section on the 725-metres level where the explosive material was found. The exact location is highlighted in red.