No. 1/20 - BGE is growing in Peine – parts of the company move to the Sparkasse

At the beginning of February, some of the staff of the Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung (BGE) will move into office space at the Sparkasse bank on Celler Straße in Peine.

In Eschenstraße, the office space of the GBE has long been at maximum capacity. The new modular buildings are not enough to create the office workplaces needed. The BGE has now rented 68 workplaces on four floors as well as common rooms and parking spaces at the Sparkasse. Meeting rooms are also available. The employees and managers of the Morsleben Division and the Technical Division will move to Celler Straße. They have already gained a first impression of the future working environment during a joint visit. The lease of the office space in Celler Straße is long-term as was the previous lease of office space in Beethovenstraße.

Sparkasse Hildesheim Goslar Peine is pleased about the new tenants in its building on Celler Straße. “After the merger of Kreissparkasse Peine with the Sparkassen Hildesheim and Goslar/Harz, we relocated our credit management (i.e. everything related to credit processing) to Peine”, explains Jürgen Twardzik, Chair of the Board of the Sparkasse. “Over the last three years, the number of staff has steadily decreased because of the synergies of the merger. We thus had free space in the building”. With the BGE staff moving in, the building is now once again filled to capacity.

There are 97 workstations of the Sparkasse on the first and second floors of the building. The former canteen on the sixth floor is shared by the Sparkasse and the BGE. The Sparkasse branch on the ground floor is not affected by the changes. “It’s nice that over 170 employees from both the Sparkasse and the BGE will be working in our building. Good for us, and good for Peine”, says Twardzik.

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Grafisches Symbolbild für Meldungen