Announcement – Konrad repository

4 May 2017: Landmark of Konrad mine scaffolded

The listed winding tower, being the symbol of the Konrad mine beyond the city limits of Salzgitter, will be scaffolded in the next few weeks. The scaffolding has been put up because the winding tower will be provided with new corrosion protection. The scaffolding serves to enable access for the following corrosion protection works. The works will continue up to the head of the frame.

The respective working areas will be covered by tarpaulins and sealed. As a first step, the winding tower will then be cleaned and prepared section-wise with compressed air and grit using extraction and filter systems. The works will be carried out such that no grit remains can enter the environment. Subsequently, the new coating will be applied. The construction measures should be completed by November this year.

The winding tower during the current works