Blog post by Ursula Heinen-Esser

28 August 2017: A major step forward in terms of retrieval

After five years of tedious research, difficult drilling work and disappointed hopes, the Asse-GmbH achieved a major success in the last two weeks: In the course of the current drillings, they hit chamber 7 on the 750 metres level in the Asse II mine. The pictures showing the emplacement chamber are impressive: This is the first time that we can see some of the containers since it was decided to retrieve the waste from the Asse mine!

I am very happy that I can congratulate our colleagues at the Asse-GmbH, who will soon be part of the new BGE, on their achievement. On the way towards retrieval there will be a lot of difficulties, doubts, sophisticated technical advancements and, of course, there will be setbacks, too. But nobody can deny this success. Congratulations and thank you for your commitment. We are proud of you!

Picture taken by the camera: waste containers in emplacement chamber 7 on the 750 metres level. 


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