Changes as part of the licensing procedure

Over the course of the construction process of the Konrad repository, the BGE must sometimes deviate from the descriptions and stipulations set out in the Konrad planning approval decision. In its role as the licensing authority, the Lower Saxony Ministry for the Environment has already anticipated this and set out specific guidelines for amendment procedures. These procedures are defined in the planning approval decision in section A III. 1.4, “Ancillary provisions regarding the organisation of the facility”, ancillary provision A.4 - 23.

For example, reasons for changes may include changes in the availability of components on the market or new technical rules. All changes must be assessed in accordance with the stipulations of the planning approval decision. For certain changes, approval must be obtained from the supervisory authority under nuclear law, i.e. the Federal Office for the Safety of Nuclear Waste Management (BASE) (external link). To this end, the BGE submits an application and presents corresponding application documents to the BASE, describing the change and setting out the manner in which continued safety is ensured.