Announcement - Site selection

15 December 2017: Site selection report – Responses from the federal states offer an overview of the data situation

In the summer, the Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung (BGE) requested data from the regional authorities for geology, the mining authorities and the water authorities. With the help of these data, exclusion criteria for the construction of a final repository for highly radioactive waste were to be applied in the first instance. The exclusion criteria include for example an earthquake risk or volcanic activity; earlier mining activity can also be cause for exclusion.

All 16 federal states responded to the request and one thing has become clear: there is a great deal of data that is available only in analogue format. Many states or authorities have offered direct interviews or invited BGE specialist to visit so that they can create for themselves an overview of the data situation at each location. This is currently in progress. BGE experts will speak directly to many authorities to find out to which type of data the exclusion criteria can be applied.

The BGE has sent an assessment report to the National Monitoring Committee about the findings derived from first responses.