Announcement – Konrad repository

23 May 2017: Konrad waste acceptance requirements revision 03 withdrawn

The waste acceptance requirements for radioactive waste to be disposed of in the Konrad repository, revision 03, (waste acceptance requirements, as of February 2017) were withdrawn on 19 May 2017. Upon closer inspection, there is need for further testing. Until further notice, the waste acceptance requirements revision 02 of December 2014 shall apply.

The waste acceptance requirements for the Konrad repository were developed within the framework of the plan-approval procedure on the basis of results from a site-specific safety assessment. They include general requirements for waste packages but also specific requirements for waste forms and waste containers as well as activity limits for individual radionuclides and mass limits for non-radioactive harmful substances. Requirements for the documentation and the delivery of waste packages were included as a supplement.

The binding Konrad waste acceptance requirements were laid down with the plan-approval decision (PFB) in May 2002.