Announcement - Asse II mine

12 September 2017: Documents published on Asse internet platform

Article 57b Para. 8. Atomic Law (AtG) provides for the publication of significant documents that relate to the Asse II shaft mine. The Bundesgesellschaft für Endlagerung mbH (BGE) has published further significant documents:


Measurement results and analyses: Site monitoring

• Report investigation of minimum volume flows (Date: 29.03.2017)

• Radiological monitoring of the firedamp in the Asse II shaft mine. Reporting period January - December 2016 (Date: 23.03.2017)


Studies and reports

• Geotechnical, geophysical monitoring programme and construction material investigations. Annual Report 2016 from the site monitoring subsection (Date: 21.04.2017)

• Concept planning for a further shaft. Geoscientific assessment of the investigative findings of the Remlingen 15 boreholes (Date: 12.04.2017)

• Preparation of a geological 3D model in the Asse II shaft mine area (Date: 31.01.2017)


Recommendations and statement of opinion

• Expert assessment of the AGO options for retrieval (Date: 14.12.2016)


Final repository monitoring correspondence

• BfE notes on the fulfilment of Requirement 21 of the notice of approval 1/2011 for the year 2015 (Date: 18.11.2016)