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No. 02/17 – The Repository Site Selection Act prepares the way for a learning and transparent site selection procedure

23 March 2017

On Thursday, the amendment to the Repository Site Selection Act was adopted by the Bundestag in the second and third reading. The Bundesrat will discuss the Act on 31 March 2017. The bill decided in the Bundestag was amended again in the light of the results of the hearing of 8 March 2017. Numerous experts from society, science, and administration had their say. The management of the BGE took part in this, too.

"With the amendment to the Repository Site Selection Act, the Members of Parliament prepared the way for a fair and transparent site selection procedure. Not only have they created an excellent foundation for the search for a repository with the Act that is supported by a vast majority, but they have also proven that they take the expression "learning procedure" seriously, already in the legislative process. Because the experts' concerns that were already expressed at the hearing, have been taken into account in the form of many amendments," claimed the management of the BGE.

"As project developer in the site selection procedure, we pattern ourselves on this openness: We want to implement a transparent site selection procedure. This includes the requirement that we take the concerns of the public seriously and reflect them in our work."

The BGE is headquartered in Peine. It is a federally-owned company established in July 2016. As designated project developer of the repository site selection procedure and future operator of radioactive waste repositories, it forms part of the Federal Environment Ministry. Managing directors are Ursula Heinen-Esser (Chair), Dr. Ewold Seeba (Deputy Chair), and Prof. Dr. Hans-Albert Lennartz (Commercial Manager).


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