Press release

No. 03/17 – The BGE management introduces itself. Public event at the Asse information centre (Info Asse)

15 May 2017

The management of the BGE (the federal company responsible for radioactive waste disposal) will introduce itself at a public kick-off event at Info Asse on 18 May 2017. Being the new operator of the Asse II mine and, thus, a new player in the region, the BGE wants to invite citizens for a personal exchange.

Info Asse
Thursday, 18 May 2017, 5 p.m.
Am Walde 1, 38319 Remlingen

The BGE is a federally-owned company in the portfolio of the Federal Environment Ministry. It took over the responsibility as operator of the Asse II mine as well as the Konrad and Morsleben repositories from the Federal Office for Radiation Protection on 25 April 2017. Among its further tasks is the search for a repository especially for heat-generating radioactive waste. Managing directors are Ursula Heinen-Esser (Chair), Dr. Ewold Seeba (Deputy Chair), and Prof. Dr. Hans-Albert Lennartz (Commercial Manager).

The reorganisation in the field of radioactive waste disposal does not mark a change from the past project goals. The private sector, federally-owned company can take advantage of new possibilities to achieve the project goals more effectively. In the company, technical expertise is concentrated and synergies are exploited. In the near future, the DBE (German Company for the Construction and Operation of Repositories for Waste Materials) and the Asse-GmbH will merge with the BGE. Thus it will be ensured that the field of radioactive waste disposal will become a governmental responsibility. Safety and competence will continue to have top priority.


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