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Press Release No. 5/21 – Digital event: How the repository search continues

Following the publication of the sub-areas interim report at the end of September 2020, the BGE is frequently asked: How is 54% of the country’s surface area to be turned into a few siting regions where the geology can be explored above ground? In other words: How will the BGE move from the sub-areas interim report to a proposal for siting regions for surface exploration?

The BGE will explain how it plans to go about getting there at a digital event on 27 May 2021 between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m.Re: site selection. Staff members of the site selection division will give a first outlook on how the BGE will now continue its work. The main focus will be on the legally prescribed, representative preliminary safety analyses, which will be used for the first time to assess the safety of a possible repository in a specific host rock in a sub-area.

As part of the 2nd consultation meeting of the specialist conference on sub-areas, the BGE will host a poster session in order to enter into direct dialogue with the interested public on the upcoming work in Step 2 of Phase I.

In order to get an idea of how Switzerland has approached this issue, Tim Vietor will explain how the safety analyses were conducted in the Swiss search process. He is responsible for safety, geology and radioactive materials at the sister company Nagra (National Co-operative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste).

Participation via video conference or live stream possible

Participation in the event is possible directly via video conference. In the video conference, it is possible to present questions and comments directly with or without video. If you would like to participate in this way, please register by 25 May 2021 at the registration address veranstaltung-berlin(at) If you want to follow the event via live stream, you will find it on YouTube on the day of the event. From there, it is possible to ask questions via the chat; these will then be asked at the event. It is also possible to ask questions in advance or during the event via the email address: dialog(at) A telephone number will also be available on the day of the event; this can also be used to ask questions.

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